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"For the sickness, that be spreadin with the quickness Remedies, cousin I be doin on my enemies Penalty, then I drink forties to they memories" - "Release Yo' Delf" by Method Man

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down. Until tomorrow, I'll just keep movin' on.

The Great Apartment Hunt of 2006 is over. Are we fast, or what? As of July 1, Kathryn and I will officially be residents of 1271 Church Street. I've made a little map that has tracked my movements since I've moved to Halifax. The red dots represent the various places I've lived, and the red star represents where I will be moving to. As you can see, I am moving ever closer to my goal: the island circled in red. This is the future site of my castle/fallout shelter/party grotto/hotel/casino/dude ranch. Stayed tuned for that one.

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  • At 10:11 a.m., Blogger Boost Ventilator said…

    That place looks like a chocolate cake. When Beth and I lived there it had orange floors. Good times.

  • At 1:59 p.m., Anonymous The Gis said…

    Yayyy! I am excited. =) =) I already need to borrow things from you. How long til you move in again??

    Btw there is no longer orange carpet on the floor and walls in the entrance. And it totally does look like a cake outside. And I am continually amazed by how many people have lived in this building at one point or another in their lives. Good times ahead!

    p.s. Check out this Just Say No to Drugs commercial starring Whitney Houston:

    David Hasselhoff is also in it (as a talking poster on the wall.)

  • At 7:24 p.m., Blogger lora said…

    you are moving even further away from me than you both lived before. is it because i smell?

  • At 7:35 a.m., Blogger iaingillis said…

    I wish we had orange floors in this place.

    A Whitney Houston anti-drug ad is like a Ted Nugent ad for PETA. She must be smoking a ton of rock to still be married to Bobby "Boy Wonder Turned Career Criminal" Brown.

    And yes, you do smell. I'm sorry you had to find out this way. Don't worry though, I always keep a new bottle of Febreeze handy, so you can come visit us whenever you like.

  • At 3:43 p.m., Blogger Myra said…

    Iain, you continue to crack me up on a regular basis. Please keep it up, I like to hear what's new and exciting back in Hali. Hope all's well.
    myra xo


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