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"For the sickness, that be spreadin with the quickness Remedies, cousin I be doin on my enemies Penalty, then I drink forties to they memories" - "Release Yo' Delf" by Method Man

Friday, May 12, 2006

I could go for a Wii right about now...

The Nintendo Wii

This thing is now at the top of my Me Wantee list.


  • At 9:36 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hell ya - I've gotten the fever... this is the first console I've ever gotten this excited about. I can't wait to try out the controller... the new games look like they've really really gone and made it fun (and much more intuitive) to play. The new zelda :drool:

  • At 12:29 p.m., Blogger iaingillis said…

    I've got three words and a number for ya:





  • At 12:47 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I wonder if you can shoot the dog in this one? or fixed the level 00 game ending ;)


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