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"For the sickness, that be spreadin with the quickness Remedies, cousin I be doin on my enemies Penalty, then I drink forties to they memories" - "Release Yo' Delf" by Method Man

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"He ragtagged 'im right in the belly-welly, and now he be goin' to the pay windah..."

Some excellent phrases from famed pro-wrestler, and master linguist, "The American Dream", Dusty Rhodes.

belly-welly (BEL-e WEL-e) - n. the belly, higher than and in front of the lutamus maxmus (seelutamus maxmus).
bidness (BID-nis) - n. one's current affairs, ex. "Taking care of bidness"
cadillac (KAD-lac) - adj. pertaining to a high-risk maneuver or "cat-like" move, usually from the top rope.
clubberin (KLUB-ber-in) - (1)n. the art of a duo placing their four clinched hands on a single opponent; (2)n. four fistses on one head; (3)v. to deliver such a beating.
esactly (ez-AK-lay) - int. a word expressing agreement.
filibustrin' (FIL-i-bus-trin) - v. speaking in a long-winded fashion, a derivative of the English "filibuster".
fisties (FIS-tays) - n. plural for the clenched hand, a derivative of the English "fist". Usually used in sets of four.
fistises (FIS-tis-ays) - n. alternate form of fisties.
hully gully (HUL-e GUL-e) - the predicament a wrestler finds himself in when hanging between the ring ropes or possibly tangled within said ropes.
indubbuyo (in-dub-YO) - n. the organization commonly referred to as the New World Order (NWO).
lutamus maxmus (LUTE-a-mus MAX-mus) - n. the hindquarters or glute muscles, often used in reference to landings or kickings. ex. "He landed right on his lutamus maxmus!"
muthaship (MU-tha-ship) - n. proper name for the WCW Saturday Night television program.
pay winda (PAY win-da) - n. the intended location of a wrestler who is victorious on the muthaship (see muthaship).
plunder (PLUN-da) - a piece of furniture, usu. a table, brought to the wrestling ring as a weapon, whether it is used directly or indirectly
ragtaggin' (RAG-tag-gin) - (1)n. a physical fight or tussle; (2)v. fighting.
rightowrong (RITE-o-rong) - int. a word used to seek agreement from another party.
slobberknockin (SLOB-a-nok-a) - v. to hit one with enough force as to relieve one's mouth of excess saliva (see official Jim Ross Dictionary as well)
thang (THANG) - (1) - n. one or all of the genitals; (2)n. any noun for which there is no other description.
tree of woe (TRE OF WO) - n. a wrestling move employed usu. by Kevin Sullivan that involves hanging the opponent upside down on the turnbuckle.
uncle (UNK-ul) - v. to force another (person) to submit.
unklin' (UNK-lin) - n. a win by submission.
whirlybird (WHUR-lay BURD) - n. proper name for a tilt-a-whirl suplex.
drawersy (DROR-zey) - adj. the act of falling asleep or one who is getting tired.


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