Sad Songs Are Nature's Onions

"For the sickness, that be spreadin with the quickness Remedies, cousin I be doin on my enemies Penalty, then I drink forties to they memories" - "Release Yo' Delf" by Method Man

Monday, February 27, 2006

Crazy Things Are Crazy

It's Just A Ride...

Bill Hicks passed away 12 years ago yesterday, Feb.26, of pancreatic cancer.

And yet Pauly Shore, Carrot Top, and Jay Leno still walk the Earth. This is a strange and confusing universe, indeed.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Sound The Nerd Alarm

So here is a picture of Spiderman from the upcoming (2007) Spiderman 3 movie:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Notice the black suit? Now, this doesn't mean much to the average Joe's and Joesephine's out there, but to ginormous nerds and geeks like me, it means a heck of a lot. I'm excited for this movie already.

Also, apparently one of the villains in the movie is going to be Sandman. Sandman? Lame. I was hoping to see this guy, or possibly this guy, or maybe even this guy. Well, maybe not that last guy.

God I'm a huge nerd.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things...

Good Things I've Seen/Ingested/Generally Had Some Kind Of Contact With This Week

- Campbell's Cream Of Mushroom Soup: In my book, there is absolutely no better way to dress up a pork chop.
- Tuna Salad with Apples: I'm warning you Kathryn: if you keep making me such good lunches, I'll never make a lunch for myself again.
- Heathers: I just got this on DVD this week. Best use of fake teen slang in a film ever. Also, Christian Slater was fucking channeling the spirit of Jack Nicholson for the entire movie. Well, you could probably say that about ANY Christian Slater performance, I suppose.
- Scallop Chow Mein: Thank you, Great Wall Restaurant, for making such delectable chow mein. And the delivery guy actually had no trouble finding the door to my apartment, which seems to be a monumental task for most delivery people.
- NES Roms: Thank the computer gods for emulation, for now I can play Ice Hockey and Super Mario Bros. 2 till my heart's content.

Bummer Of The Week:

Team Canada loses its quarterfinal game against Russia. Bummer. Well, at least the women's team won gold, right?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I May Finally Be Ready To "Think Outside The Box"

The latest edition to Iain's "Me Wantee" list:

The Apple Macbook Pro

Friday, February 17, 2006

"I've Got Something To Say!"

So it looks like this company now has the distribution rights to the Strangers With Candy movie, and are planning to release it in June. I say bravo to them, although the press release said that they were planning to release the film in "limited engagements", which may rule out seeing the film in Halifax. Here's to hoping a DVD release is not too far off.

Also, apparently Amy Sedaris is in Nova Scotia this month filming some movie, so for the rest of the month I'm going to be in full-on stalker mode. Hopefully I'll corner her in a dark alley somewhere and ask her for the recipe of her famous cheeseballs (she's a bit of an amateur chef, apparently).

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fun With Keyword Analysis

Oh, you people and your wacky search engines. Let's examine some of the search terms that brought people to my dank little corner of the Interweb:

partying fun times and drinking quotes
I'd like to think that if Iain Gillis is about anything, he's about partying, fun times, and saying quotable things whilst drinking. He's also about popsicles, tacos, and world peace.

hot ladies sydney,n.s
For anybody looking for the "hot ladies" of Sydney, NS, may I suggest that you head down to the Steel City Bar & Grill on Townesend Street during Wing Night. That is where they all congregate.

songs with bad words
I would not stoop so low as to post songs with offensive lyrics here. Here is a song that the whole family can enjoy.
"My Ding A Ling" - Chuck Berry

how to make donair
get drunk. take pita. scrape meat off of rotating loaf. put meat on pita. cover in mysterious white goo. don't forget onions and tomatoes, to give impression that what you are eating can actually be considered "food". roll up. eat. put plenty of reading material in bathroom. trust me, you need this later.

You know, I never did like that guy...

Actor who plays Scottish guy in Alexander Keith's commercials is up on child porn charges.

Looks like spilled beer is the least of this dude's worries now.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Please Sir, Where For To Find The Explosives, Yes?

To whomever found my blog by using the search engine phrase "how make bomb", a bit of quick advice:

If you cannot successfully type the sentence "How to make a bomb.", you probably shouldn't be in the bomb making business. It's the little details that come back to haunt ya', know what I mean.

Expand Your Mind, Maaaaan...

I bumped into a couple of "nu-hippies" on the escalator at work today, and my thoughts immediately turned to this song by my most favorite of bands, Ween.

"Hippy Smell", by Ween

Got th' hippy smell
She lives in Atlanta, Georg-ay
Ahh yeah I said
Hippy smell, only I can't tell
Patcholi oil, sixties hell
You're not real, and you're not surreal
Can't you tell, hippy smell

Can't you tell...
She's got the hippy smell, ladies and gentleman
It smelled of patcholi oil on the brain
She's got the Grateful Dead posters hanging up in the house everywhere
She smokes the clove cigarettes
She says, "I wish I lived in the sixties
Because those were really neat times"
Well, I have a thing for ya, you know you wouldn't wanna be alive
In the sixties 'cause there was a lotta shit happenin'
And ya probably woulda, ya know,
Your hippy little ass probably woulda gotten killed or something
Goddamn shitface

Great little song, don't ya think.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Do you want for to come to Poland to watch a movie, yes?

Check out these extremely rad Polish movie posters. My favorites are the Muppets poster, followed closely by the sweet ass Blues Brothers poster. My vote for Most Disturbing poster goes to the Cabaret one (Liza, Nazis, shudder).

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Well, It Sounded Like A Good Idea At The Time...

The old, slightly beer-gutted version of me would have polished off that donair plate last night without batting an eye. The new, lean-and-mean version of me barely finished half of it before succumbing to the dreaded "meat sweats". Oh, the times they are a-changin'.

What is the donair plate, you ask? Well, it's kind of like poutine as envisioned by a crazed wizard in a tower. Take a layer of french fries, top with a mound of donair meat, onions, and tomatoes, add a generous helping of donair sauce, then finish the whole mess with a generous (and I do mean generous) helping of mozzarella cheese. Add to this the fact that a Saluzzo's small donair plate could easily feed 2 or 3 people, and you have an idea of what I was up against last night.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Another Day In The Salt Mine

So today is a big day for yours truly: I'm back to work. So far it had gone okay, although I can't really do much because all of my passwords have to be reset, and although this may seem like a simple task to accomplish, it could take a little while. Dang bloated corporate infrastructure. I was even taken off the employee web directory. What a kick in the nuts, eh? Anywhoo, I glad that I'm back in the business of earning a steady paycheck, so here's to me staying healthy and getting back in the swing of things around here.