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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

There's Snow Way I'm Going To Work Today...

How Iain Spent The First Snow Day of 2005

- 7:30 AM: Woke up, looked out my window, smiled a sly smile, then immediately called Dalhousie security to see if the school was open today. They said that the school was definitely closed until 10:00, but to check back later, in case they decided to open. I laughed softly to myself.

- 9:30 AM: I lie down on my sofa and listen to Q104 for storm updates. Morning radio sucks mad balls. Too much annoying, ultra-chirpy, unfunny banter, too much shitty music (Tom Cochrane, Skynnyrd, Bryan Adams, blah). Then I hear it: "universities closed today: St. Mary's, Mt. St. Vincent, Dal,...". Fuckin 'eh, no work for Iain.

- 11:30 AM: After two hours of watching Animal Planet, I make some lunch. A pita, with homemade hummus, roasted chicken breast, and some salad greens. Things are looking up.

- 12:00 PM: Decide to get off my lazy ass and do some shovelling, in case I decide to actually leave the house at sometime during the day. The snow is not too heavy, so it isn't too much work.

- 1:00 PM: Do laundry. I realize that none of this sounds really exciting at all, but I was actually having a great day. Snow days make every activity infinitely more enjoyable.

- 2:00 PM: Pop in my VHS copy of Alien. This movie kicks all sorts of ass. Atmosphere, muthafuckas, do you speak it! I daydream a bit and think to myself, "What would I do in Ripley's place?" I finally came to the conclusion that if I was stuck on a broken down spaceship with an ugly looking, perfect killing machine alien thing with acid for blood, I would probably hide in a corner, quietly weeping in the fetal position. Not the best strategy, I would think.

- 4:00 PM: Turn on the telly, and Scream is showing Aliens. Score. One of the great sequels of all time. Some great lines in this one ("Game over man, game over!").

- 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM: Watch more TV: The Simpsons (Marge gets mugged, and then beefs up with weights and roids and goes nutso), The Thirsty Traveller (he's in Greece, tasting Ouzo), Buffy (Glory thinks Tara is The Key and turns her crazy, Willow shows first signs of going evil), and CSI (some lady drowns, and a frat dude is murdered in a hazing prank gone wrong). Then it was off to bed.

To the layperson, this may all seem quite mundane and boring, but like I have already said, a snow day makes even the most boring activity that much more fun. Such is the magic of the snow day. Hopefully they'll be a few more of these guys before the winter is through (as long as they aren't the power outage, disaster situation type snow days. Those are slightly less fun.).


  • At 12:36 p.m., Blogger kait said…

    I spent the day watching my Buffy DVD's (Xander casts a love spell and a poltergiest takes over sunnydale high!)


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