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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Horror! The Horror!

Like most of you, I too was shocked and appalled to learn that Ashlee Simpson, younger sister of songstress and Mensa candidate Jessica Simpson, attempted to sing over a pre-recorded vocal track for her performance this weekend on Saturday Night Live. My world came crashing down around me. I refused to believe that a pop star today would have the nerve to deceive their loving fans by lip-synching? Have we learned nothing from Milli Vanilli? What is the world coming too? Say it ain't so Ashlee, say it ain't so.

If you missed it, here it is. I just have one piece of advice for Ms. Simpson: the next time that your backing vocal track cuts out or skips or whatever, instead of doing a little pirate jig then walking of stage in a huff, try singing a little bit. I know that it's a crazy notion, stuck out there alone, in front of all those people, singing by yourself, without the comforting professional gloss of a Pro Tooled studio vocal track, but trust me on this one. People have been doing this singing thing for years. Shit, even Rob and Fab tried to fake it when their song started to skip. Kids today. No work ethic.


  • At 3:46 p.m., Blogger suz said…

    hah, that's awesome. what a joke.

  • At 3:55 p.m., Blogger iaingillis said…

    The best part of the whole thing is the pirate-jig/boot scootin' boogie routine she's doing. I mean, at least your average bubbleheaded pop star can dance well (at least by stripper standards).


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