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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Sandwich Artist My A$$

Begin rant:

So I went to lunch today at the Subway on Spring Garden Road, as I often do. It seems like everytime I get there, it's right in the middle of the lunchtime rush. I don't mind this, because the line seems to move fairly fast. What bothers me is the supervisor that is usually on duty at this time. Her sole job seems to be to stress out the line workers, tell them that they are doing everything wrong, and generally berate them in front of the customers. I mean, the "Sandwich Artists" are doing the best they can to keep the line moving as fast as possible, all the while trying to make a sub that looks somewhat edible when it's all finished. The thing that pisses me off the most though is when the supervisor becomes so exasperated with the inneptness of her employees , she decides to "show em' how its done" and get on the line herself. The thing is, she can't make a sub worth shit! A blind monkey could put together a better sub than her! The meat is all on one side, the vegetables on the other, spilling out of the bread since they were tossed in there with so much haste. She puts the sauce on in such a hurry the sub becomes a soggy mess, and when she cut my sub in half, it wasn't so much two halves as it was one tiny portion (say 1/4) and one big portion. And it wasn't even cut all the way through. This is the person who is constantly correcting the "mistakes" of her employees?! Someday I would love to just flip out and tear a strip off of her, but all I invariably end up doing is giving a sympathetic, "I feel your pain" smile to the poor Subway worker who has the misfortune of being stuck under her tyrannical rule. Here's to hoping someday one of her underlings will find the courage to tell her where to go.

End rant.

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